Organic-Lock™ Aggregate Paving

Organic Lock™ is the strongest and most erosion resistant natural binder available. Proven from years of research and testing, Organic Lock™ greatly out preforms traditional psyllium husk binders.

Organic Lock™ provides a resilient surface that is self-healing, self-drying and self-wicking of water. Unlike psyllium based binders Organic Lock™ can be used on steep slopes without fear of severe erosion. Another benefit of Organic Lock™ is that weed growth or seed germination is vastly limited compare to other natural surfaces.

Organic Lock™ is patented and Gail Materials is an exclusive distributor. Organic Lock™ is available in multiple colored decomposed granites and crushed aggregates all tested and approved by Gail Materials. Organic Lock™ comes premixed with installation guidelines and consulting from the experience staff at Gail Materials.  

Organic Lock™ is also ADA compliant for more information on Accessiable Exterior Surface Testing and how Organic Lock™ performed please contact our office.

AutoCAD details and Architectural Specifications are now also available on CAD Details. For further information please contact a Gail Materials representative.


ADA Compliant: 
ADA Compliant Material
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