Paving & Aggregates

Natracil Stabilized Decomposed Granite

Natracil™ is a stabilizing organic binder that is non-toxic, buff in color and without a marked odor. The swell volume shall have a minimum of 35ml/g with a minimum mucilliod content of 80 percent. The light extraneous matter shall not exceed a maximum of 20 percent with the heavy extraneous matter not exceeding 5 percent. The material shall be finely screened with 90-100 percent of particles passing the standard 40 mesh screen.


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NexPave Polymer Wax Coated Aggregate

Trail or pathway applications shall have a minimum cross slope of 1 1/2 percent and shall be compacted to a minimum of 90 percent. The finished sub-grade shall be uniform and free of deleterious debris such as organic materials, nails, stones and loose soil. Prior to placement of NexPave™ presoak all areas of application.


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Decorative Boulders/Gravel


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Gail Materials