New Construction Guidelines for Baseball & Softball Infields

Installing Pro Gold Infield Mix for New Construction

Attention to detail, proper design and proper installation will produce a great baseball field installation. Special consideration should be made that all materials, the sub-base/native-base and the infield mix be thoroughly compaction under ideal moisture conditions. Proper installation will prevent future problems and allow a new field to “break-in” in less time. Outlined are a few key steps for the proper installation of a newly constructed baseball/softball field;


1.     Grade Sub-Base/Native soil with proper moisture to ensure compaction. Grade to match final surface grade (.5%-1.5% slope max)

2.     Spread Infield Mix across compacted Sub-Base/Native soil that has been thoroughly compacted. Base material should still have adequate moisture during this step, if not rehydrate base to proper moisture

3.     Rough grade Infield Mix

4.     It is recommended that a skilled laser grader be commissioned to properly smooth and correctly grade your new infield surface. Edges and cutouts should be graded by hand and thoroughly compacted

5.    Thoroughly water new infield mix to the entire profile, this is critical to achieve proper compaction!

6.     Under Idea moisture conditions it is recommended that the Infield Mix be compacted using a 1-ton roller. Fine tune surface grade where needed.   Move infield mix around or use additional infield mix to fill in low areas along edges and in cutouts

7.     Nail drag under ideal moisture conditions, follow up with a mat drag to fine tune grade. Tire roll with smooth turf tires and continue to repeat the dragging and smoothing process until proper final grade has been met or no visible low spots

8.     Apply Calcine Clay Topdress Conditioner (40 bags for high school field) evenly across entire infield surface and water thoroughly

9.      Nail drag next morning under ideal moisture conditions and finish drag when conditioner starts to dry

10.   If additional compaction is desired at this time, roll again with a 1-ton roller

Ideal Moisture Conditions are when you can pick up the material, squeeze it in your hand and make a ball.  The material should not stick to equipment or your hand, but be able to be formed. Compaction with proper moisture is critical to a successful installation, dry infield mix or ‘as received’ infield mix is not at its proper moisture level and will not compact properly.