Aquasator Topsoil w/Lassenite

• Class "A" Topsoil

• Uniformly screened and blended.

• Lassenite® Pozzolan is University tested and is proven to reduce irrigation

• Fortified with aged compost.

• No starter fertilizers required.

• Reduced compaction

• Beneficial Bacteria and Fungus

• Increased infiltration

• Increased oxygen

Gail Materials is proud to introduce our new AquaStor™ Topsoil w/ Lassenite® Pozzolan. We start with high quality laboratory tested Class “A” Topsoil then we blend in Lassenite® Pozzolan and a well-aged compost. The result is the best topsoil available. Most other marketed topsoil blends are simply soil of an unknown quality taken from a construction site and then blended with a low grade wood by product. Our AquaStor™ is the same high quality material from the first to the last load. Lassenite ® Pozzolan is extremely porous providing much needed oxygen to the plant. In addition, Lassenite is University tested and is proven to significantly reduce water requirements, particularly in sand based root zones. Lassenite® Pozzolan not only absorbs a considerable amount of moisture but, more importantly, as the soil dries down, it releases this stored moisture back into the root zone. Many amendments maintain the ability to absorb moisture but Lassenite® Pozzolan has the unique ability to make the majority of this absorbed moisture available to the plant.


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